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What To Expect At The Huge Jack-O'-Lantern Festival Happening Near Montreal This Fall

There will be 21 exhibits, including a "drool-worthy ode to snacks" in pumpkin form.🕯️🎃🍿

Pumpkinferno exhibits at Upper Canada Village.

Pumpkinferno exhibits at Upper Canada Village.

Pumpkinferno, an annual festival that turns 7,000 "hand-crafted" (but artificial) jack-o'-lanterns into monumental sculptures, is returning this year to Kingston and Upper Canada Village in Morrisburg, Ontario. The latter is about a 90-minute drive from downtown Montreal.

As tickets go on sale on September 6, the St. Lawrence Parks Commission has released more details about what visitors can expect this year.

At both sites, Pumpkinferno will once again take the form of a self-guided trail. At Upper Canada Village, 19th-century buildings form an appropriately moody backdrop in the orange glow of the festival's luminous gourds.

There will be seven new exhibits in Morrisburg this year, more than any edition since the festival's launch in 2011, according to the commission.

Newbies outlined in a press release include "Lovers' Lane, featuring famous couples;" "Legendary Lore" with pumpkin-based interpretations of "fantastic beasts and mythical creatures;" an "homage to camping" in "The Great Outdoors;" children in pumpkin form in "The Child Within Us;" the tropical-themed "Flamingo Fiesta;" and "a drool-worthy ode to snacks in Mega Munchies."

They'll be among a total of 21 exhibits, also including "fan-favourite" tributes to the Roaring '20s and creepy-sounding "music-filled pumpkins" in an exhibit called "Mercury in Retrograde."

Fort Henry in Kingston will have the same number of Pumpkinferno displays, including the superhero-themed "Power to the Pumpkins."

Tickets to both sites are $20. Get a summary of the details below.


Pumpkinferno 2022 poster.

Pumpkinferno 2022 poster.

Upper Canada Village - Morrisburg, Ontario | Facebook

Price: $20/adult


  • Fort Henry, Kingston, Ontario
  • Upper Canada Village, Morrisburg, Ontario


  • Fort Henry, Kingston:
    • September 30 to October 31, 2022
  • Upper Canada Village:
    • September 30 to October 30, 2022


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