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A Jack-O'-Lantern Fest With 7,000 Pumpkins Is Happening 90 Minutes From Montreal This Fall

🎃Welcome to pumpkin world.🎃

Pumpkinferno giant arch. Right: Pumpkins in the shape of a wizard.

Pumpkinferno giant arch. Right: Pumpkins in the shape of a wizard.

Upper Canada Village's Pumpkinferno jack-o'-lantern festival is coming back this year with 7,000 luminous pumpkins arranged in epic forms along a trail through the spooky site.

Details are few so far, but online the village promises a revival of "some of its most popular exhibits." Previous editions have included pumpkin statues of giant beasts and mythical creatures, as well as some whimsical scenes from modern life, all in the form of glowing gourds.

In 2021, Pumpkinferno paid tribute to the Roaring '20s and the lore of Area 51.

This year, the festival will take place on so-far unspecified "select evenings" from September 30 to October 30. The site will open for three hours each night of operation, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. through October 21. From October 22 to 30, visitors will have an extra half hour, beginning at 6:30 p.m., to make their way down the one-kilometre Pumpkinferno route.

Currently, Upper Canada Village puts general admission passes at $20 (before tax). Children under five years old can get in for free. It's unclear if these are the final prices.

Get the details we have so far below.

Upper Canada Village Pumpkinferno Jack-O'-Lantern Festival

Pumpkinferno 2021 Roaring '20s exhibit.

Pumpkinferno 2021 Roaring '20s exhibit.

Upper Canada Village - Morrisburg, Ontario | Facebook | Facebook

Price: $20; Free for children under five years old

Where: Upper Canada Village, 13740 County Road 2, Morrisburg, ON

When: September 30 to October 30, 2022


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