A Flamingo Escaped From Granby Zoo And Obviously Decided To Stop At Tim Hortons (VIDEO)

You might see pigeons, seagulls, and even geese hanging out in a Tim Hortons parking lot, but have you ever seen a flamingo? That's exactly what some Granby residents saw at their local Tims on Wednesday morning.

According to a Facebook post by the Granby Zoo, a pink flamingo made a daring escape out of its enclosure in an apparent effort to get a taste of some Canadian goodness.

"To reassure everyone, there wasn't a sale on shrimp at the IGA or a special on coffee at Tim Hortons," explained Karl Fournier, director of animal care at the Granby Zoo in a video.

"For reasons unknown, the flamingo escaped and flew away from its group. Our team quickly mobilized and it was captured in a calm manner."

Apparently, the flamingo allowed the zookeepers to approach. The keepers were able to safely return the bird to its enclosure.

The flamingo, likely lamenting yesterday's frigid weather, was probably more than happy to get home safely.

"Our flamingo is doing well," Fournier said.

This isn't the first time an animal has escaped from the Granby Zoo. In April 2018, a leopard managed to escape but later returned to its habitat.