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A Pigeon Was Spotted At A Winners In Montreal This Weekend (VIDEO)

The bird must have known Black Friday sales were happening.

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A Pigeon Was Spotted At A Winners In Montreal This Weekend (VIDEO)

It seems like animals in Quebec really like to act in the same way humans do. Recently, a pink flamingo escaped from the Granby Zoo and went to Tim Hortons to get a taste of that true Canadian coffee. Now, a pigeon was spotted shopping at a Winners in Montreal on Sunday, November 28.

Éric Fortin, a citizen of Griffintown, was the one who noticed the bird chilling near some accessories in the store, around the men's department.

This retail-loving pigeon was spotted at Winners on rue Peel — I guess it knew Black Friday sales were happening.

Fortin reached out to other Griffintown residents on a local Facebook group saying: "Unusual encounter at Winners Griffintown this afternoon ... smart pigeon or just tired of freezing?"

Many responded with funny comments and pointed out how smart the pigeon was to try and avoid the cold. Maybe it was looking for a new winter hat? A warm coat? Some gloves?

"There are some nice decorative cages at Winners, maybe he's looking for a winter condo," wrote this user.
Another Facebook user wrote, "Smart one! Instead of freezing outside."

In any case, we still don't know how the pigeon arrived at the Winners or even if it is still on the premises now.
The mystery remains: how it managed to get through two entrance doors and fly over the escalator to warm its feathers.

One thing's for sure, the pigeon simply wasn't having it with the cold weather Montreal is currently facing — like many of us.

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