A Quebecer Just Won The Lottery For A Second Time & Both Tickets Came From The Same Store

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A Quebecer Just Won The Lotto Max Jackpot Again & Both Tickets Came From The Same Store

An extremely lucky Quebec resident just won a Lotto Max jackpot for the second time in his life — and he bought the ticket at the same store where he first became a multi-millionaire.

Michel Bordeleau of Mauricie claimed a whopping $15,000,000 this time around.

I stood there frozen when I realized I was winning for a second time, it's unbelievable!

Michel Bordeleau

That will be a nice addition to the $2,500,000 he won in 2010.

Loto-Québec wrote in a statement that Bordeleau had to take several looks at his ticket before it sunk in that he had won the lottery again.

The unnamed store where he bought the ticket also gets out lucky with a 1% commission on Bordeleau winnings.

Via Loto-Québec

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