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James William Awad. Right: Balarama Holness.

James William Awad. Right: Balarama Holness.

You might soon be able to watch Sunwing Flight guy James William Awad and ex-Montreal mayoral candidate Balarama Holness fight each other.

Awad has accepted an offer from Holness to compete in a five-round MMA match. Holness challenged Awad to wager $50,000 plus his media presence. "If Balarama Wins, Awad has to be quiet," Holness' team said in a statement shared with MTL Blog.

"I'm doing it," Awad wrote in his Instagram story in response to an earlier MTL Blog story about the offer.

Reached by MTL Blog about whether they're actually serious, Holness confirmed he's willing to go through with the plan and promised forthcoming details. Awad did not respond before the publication of this story.

Holness' challenge followed Awad's own dare for federal Transport Minister Omar Alghabra to engage in a boxing match to settle fines for alleged mask and vaccination rule violations that went to members of the Sunwing party group. Awad also wagered a $1,000,000 charity donation.

Alghabra has not publicly responded.

So far Transport Canada has handed out 24 penalties for rule violations aboard the now-infamous charter flight to Cancun.

Awad has become known for his eccentricities, including a mini empire in his neighbourhood that the Journal de Montréal has reported includes statues of himself.

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