A Tiktoker Has Gone Viral For Her Travel Hack To Avoid Paying Pricey Airline Luggage Fees

"It only cost $34.33. Let's go!"

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​A summer hat in an open box. Right: Faith Collins.

A summer hat in an open box. Right: Faith Collins.

A Tiktoker has gone viral for thinking both inside and outside the box when it comes to getting around expensive airline baggage fees. In a video with over 6M views on the platform, Faith Collins, who posts as gouldstandard, shared her travel hack for flying light while still having access to her preferred wardrobe on vacation.

"Let's see how much it costs to ship my luggage to Florida versus paying $150 to Spirit Airlines," reads the caption as she tosses clothes, purses, and a wide-brim hat into an open cardboard box. Collins tapes it up and writes her name as both sender from Colorado and recipient in Florida.

"It only cost $34.33. Let's go," she writes, seen carrying the box to the post.


The rest will fit in my backpack 👌🏼 #spiritair #spiritairlines #GenshinImpact34 #cheaptok #cheaptravel

Low-cost airlines may offer cheap tickets, but travellers who want basic amenities, like a suitcase, face extra high fees. Sunwing changed its carry-on policy last October, for instance, now charging $25 each way to bring any bag bigger than a personal item in-cabin.

Collins presents mailing her clothes as an obvious workaround, and many commenters agree.

"I did this last time I flew! Even if checking a bag is cheaper, the risk of it getting lost by the airline is pretty high," one person replied.

"The only way to go. So easy. Nothing to check. Nothing to carry on. Yay," wrote another.

Other viewers offered additional tips.

"Next time I'd suggest putting a garbage bag liner in it just in case it rains during delivery," wrote one commenter.

"I’d put it in a vacuum seal bag in a flat rate box for even cheaper," another added.

But some commenters weren't convinced that airlines charge that much for a checked bag to make it worth shipping clothes separately. Collins made a follow-up video to prove the effectiveness of her hack.


Replying to @kierankerrigannn I ain’t lyin over here.

She dials Spirit Airlines directly and an agent informs Collins that a checked or carry-on bag one-way will cost $79 and round-trip will cost $158.

"That's like a whole other plane ticket," snarked a commenter.

Airline ticket prices in Canada are slated to rise drastically in the coming months, along with the price of amenities. So, if you still haven't decided whether to check your bag for that upcoming Spring Break trip, maybe it's time to consider shipping your clothes instead.

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MTL Blog, Associate Editor
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