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Here's What Montreal's Anti-Curfew Protest Last Night Looked Like Live (VIDEO)

MTL Blog reporter Alex Melki said there were "well over 1,000 people."
Here's What Montreal's Anti-Curfew Protest Last Night Looked Like Live (VIDEO)

As the curfew for red zone areas changed back to 8 p.m. on April 11, hundreds of locals took to the streets for an anti-curfew protest in Montreal's Old Port.

MTL Blog reporter Alex Melki went on the grounds of the protest to film what was happening — you can watch the live feed he recorded while there below.

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What began as a seemingly peaceful protest ended with some rioters starting a large fire.

"That's when things really went off the rails," Melki said.

It seems certain people decided to break the windows of local shops in the area as well.

What was the protest like?

With Alex Melki being our eyes and ears at the anti-curfew protest, we got a visual of what it was like to be there.

It began just before 8 p.m. at Place Jacques Cartier, where protesters stayed after curfew hours to let the Quebec government know they disagree with such regulations.

Melki said there were "well over 1,000 people" in attendance and estimated that only 20-30% of attendees were wearing masks.

Chants such as "Fuck Legault" and "Freedom of the young" were popular amongst the crowd.

Another protest is apparently planned for April 12 — same time, same place.

What was the aftermath?

Premier Legault hadn't publically commented on the protest at the time of writing this article.

It seems the protest died out about 30-40 minutes after it began, once the fire started to grow and a heavy police presence showed up.

SPVM spokesperson Véronique Comtois said seven arrests were made during the protest and 107 fines for violating public health rules were handed out.

The SPVM is also investigating various reports of breaking and entering, mischief, and arson.

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