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Canada Is Tweaking COVID-19 Travel Rules Again

A few changes that'll make things easier for fully-vaxxed travellers as of April 25.

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Montreal-Trudeau Airport with flag of Canada in the foreground.

Montreal-Trudeau Airport with flag of Canada in the foreground.

Canada is tweaking its COVID-19 travel rules. The changes will make entering Canada a little easier for fully-vaccinated travellers.

As of April 25, the fully-vaxxed won't have to submit a quarantine plan when they enter Canada, nor will they have to monitor themselves for, nor report any COVID-19 symptoms. They also won't have to quarantine if someone else in their travel party has COVID-19 symptoms or tests positive or keep a list of contacts and places they visited in Canada.

The federal government is also dropping its requirement for travellers entering Canada to wear masks in public places. Local mask rules still apply, however.

In Quebec, the current rule states that face-coverings will be required in enclosed public spaces until mid-May.

Also as of April 25, fully-vaccinated parents and guardians also won't need a quarantine plan for children between the ages of five and 11. Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated children in that age group also won't have to undergo pre-arrival testing if they're travelling with a fully-vaccinated parent or guardian.

However, ArriveCan will still be mandatory for all travellers. Masking will keep on being required on planes and in airports.

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