The late Queen Elizabeth II travels with Prince Philip in 2015.

The late Queen Elizabeth II travels with Prince Philip in 2015.

The monarchy may not play a major role in the day-to-day lives of most Canadians, but if you want a closer relationship with the now late Queen Elizabeth II, there's a little government website that still has just the product for you.

The Canadian government has long offered to supply free portraits of the reigning royal to any and all Canadians who want one. While the digital version is free to download, you can also order a print copy. You just have to pay the cost of shipping and postage, which comes to around $18.

After Queen Elizabeth II passed, the transition of power in the royal family was immediate, and King Charles III is now the new figurehead of the Commonwealth. This transition won't be quite so efficient in other areas of the world, including the supply of royal portraits available for order.

The Monarchist League, which processes orders for these portraits, will still be offering Queen Elizabeth II portraits "as long as supplies last," they told MTL Blog in an email. "We suspect it will be a while before the official Canadian Portrait of our King is ready," they continued.

So, for now, if you're already starting to miss our dearly departed Liz, a royal reminder of her life and legacy can still be yours for just $18.

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