Dollarama Says It'll Stay Open In Quebec As An Essential Business

It will "restrict" the sale of non-essential products, though.
Dollarama Says It'll Stay Open In Quebec As An Essential Business

With the announcement of yet another lockdown in Quebec, many people have been wondering which stores will stay open during this time — Dollarama being one of them.

Well, good news! Dollarama confirmed with MTL Blog that it will remain open to "ensure that Quebecers have access to a broad array of affordable essential goods through the lockdown."

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Dollarama will remain open [...] through the lockdown.

Media Relations for Dollarama

But, things won't be the exact same as shoppers are used to between December 26 and January 10.

The store will have "strict in-store capacity limits and [will be] restricting the sale of non-essential goods in our stores as of Dec. 26."

Essential products such as "household and cleaning products, health and hygiene products, food products and pet products," will continue to be sold during this time.

Lyla Radmanovich, Dollarama's Media Relations officer, promises that the company "committed to continuing to serve Quebecers while rigorously maintaining our in-store COVID-19 health and safety measures in accordance with public health directives as well as following all other COVID-19 measures put in place by the Government of Quebec."

"Dollarama has remained open as an essential business since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic."

So, you'll still be able to get cheap necessities from Dollarama during Quebec's second store lockdown!