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Dr. Arruda Said He's 'Convinced That There Will, Unfortunately, Be A Second Wave'

And because of this, he told us to "take advantage of the summer."
Dr. Arruda Said He's 'Convinced That There Will, Unfortunately, Be A Second Wave'

As of today, Quebec has been given the green light to reopen almost all of its sectors, with the exception of three. But, the government is admitting to the potential consequences of such. During the conference where he announced this news, Dr. Horacio Arruda said, translated from French, "I remain convinced that there will, unfortunately, be a second wave. So, take advantage of the summer, take advantage of this conditional deconfinement."

"And let me be clear that it deconfinement is conditional on respecting distancing, hygiene measures and on wearing a face covering."

Before getting to this point, Dr. Arruda announced that from now on we will only be told what's not deconfining in Quebec. 

Because as of today, June 25, almost everything in Quebec is allowed to reopen, following specific conditions — with only three exceptions.

The exceptions to this are festivals and large events, sleepaway camps, and combat sports. These three sectors will remain forbidden for an indeterminate amount of time.

During his word in English, Arruda promised that studies have shown "things are going better" in regards to COVID-19 in Quebec.

A live feed of Dr. Arruda and Dr. Drouin's conference held on June 25 is available below.

"There is still a big need to be careful," the doctor reminded us.

Dr. Arruda specified that because of this almost full deconfinement, things such as aquatic centres, spas, hotels, hostels, bars, and casinos can all reopen their doors again as of this Thursday.

In these places, social distancing measures, including remaining two metres away from others at all times, are expected to be followed.

Arruda said Quebecers should also continue to wear masks and wash their hands regularly.

From this moment forward, the Government of Quebec will not be sharing the daily COVID-19 case count with the public.

It will now be provided only every week.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke out about this, saying that "every province makes its own decisions about how transparent it needs to be."

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