Drake's Son Spoke In French To Tell His Dad What Happens When You Die & It's Too Adorable

Hear the toddler's theory of death and the afterlife en français.

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Drake's Son Spoke In French To Tell His Dad What Happens When You Die & It's Too Adorable

Most might think of death as the final frontier, but Drake's son Adonis Graham has it all figured out at age four.

In a video posted to Instagram on January 29, the Canadian superstar captures a sweet father-son moment in which the pair discusses two topics that most captivate toddlers: growing up and what happens once our lives come to an end.

"Are you going to be much bigger than me," Adonis asks at the outset of the clip. "I don't think so, you're pretty tall," Drake replies.

Seemingly encouraged by the response, the four-year-old then decides to show off his language skills, offering to teach his father some French.

"Hey, do you want I teach you [...] how to speak en français?" a wide-eyed Adonis asks.

"Yes, please! Show me," Drake eagerly responds, not knowing that his child was about to recite his own theory of death and the afterlife.

"Une fois quand je suis [serai] grand, très grand, tu va mourir," Adonis says prophetically with a dramatic swing of the arm. Drake repeats the phrase in French.

After that, according to the toddler "tu va retournir [retourner] à l'univers."

When Drake asks for a translation, Adonis offers a slightly more light-hearted interpretation.

"When you're older, you're all broken and you're going to turn back into space!"

Asked if that's what he really said in French, Adonis hesitates with a long, guileful "uhhhhhhhhhhh" as Drake laughs.

Adonis' mother, of course, is French artist Sophie Brussaux.

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