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Drake Said He Was Hanging Out With A Quebec Woman In A Video Posted Online

The rapper was also ridiculed for drinking from an empty cup in the video.

Drake in the water in an Instagram story.

Drake in the water in an Instagram story.

On the last day of February, our boy Champagne Papi posted an Instagram story showing himself hanging out with a few people on jet skis in some crystal blue waters. Yep, exactly what we all wish we were doing right now...

While we can't confirm whether the video Drake shared meant he was currently on vacation or if this could be part of his lost files that he's finally deciding to post, we do know one thing for sure — whenever it was, he was hanging out with "some sweet Quebec white thing."

Or at least, that's how he described her.

But unfortunately, Drake didn't give us a close-up of the woman in question, so we have no indication of who it may have been.

We do know that Drake has had an obsession with Céline Dion for some time now. We're not quite sure she'd be the one in the water, though.

But the Canadian rapper did confirm he was "on one right now." So, we know he was definitely vibing with the Quebec woman and other people he was in the water with.

For now, the woman Drake was with in this video will remain a mystery. Unless he posts another story where we can actually see her face, but we'll have to wait and see if that ever happens.

The 6 God's story was shared on the popular Instagram account @mtlflextv, where various comments called the rapper out for having nothing in his cup while pretending to sip from it.

Don't worry, we all make mistakes, Drake.

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