On October 15, a group of Quebecers found out Public Health Director Horacio Arruda's home address and began protesting in front of his home.

The protestors allegedly "chanted about wanting a public debate on the guidelines" and made their disagreement with current public health rules known.

"It needs to be very, very clear that we don't tolerate this," Legault told the public during Tuesday's press conference. Such events have resulted in Arruda now having a personal chauffeur and bodyguard to protect him against other potential threats.

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Yes, people have the right to protest, but there are places for that and a way to do it also — respectfully and non-violently.

Dr. Horacio Arruda

During Tuesday's press conference, Premier Legault mentioned that such actions are forms of intimidation, saying it was "unacceptable" what happened to Arruda. 

The Public Health Director reassured everyone that he's "protected" thanks to the "extraordinary work of the people from Public Security."

"I believe in protesting. In a democratic society, we must let people express themselves."

Dr. Arruda said his concern was more with the fact that the protest was held in front of his private space, where he has neighbours who are affected by this also.

Arruda reminded Quebecers there are other proper places to hold a protest, and in front of someone's home just isn't one of them.

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