In a press conference on December 3, Premier François Legault announced that Quebecers in red zones would not be able to gather for the holiday season — but one sentence, in particular, sparked a whole slew of reactions on social media. 

"This year we're going to have a quiet Christmas [...] We have to try and look on the bright side. We won't have any visitors in our homes."

"When we are a couple of years older, it means that we will be able to take little naps, as they say, in the afternoon. After lunch, read books — all sorts of books and use Zoom," Legault said.

Quebecers did not hesitate to show their frustration or laugh about the situation online.

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Comedian Charles Pellerin had fun comparing Legault's comment with inspiring quotes from important politicians.

Léa Stréliski, comedian and author, made many smile by nodding to the literary censorship controversy Legault faced the week before.

"Mr. Legault also says that you will be able to read all kinds of books during Christmas. Like what kind of books Mr. Legault? Do you have any suggestions?" she tweeted.

Some people did not show up to criticize Legault's comment. Instead, they showed up to compare him to the Grinch.

This insomniac woman was not happy with the nap proposal.

"I am an insomniac, your offer is refused," she tweeted. 

Some Quebecers have imagined the post-Christmas nap scene and prefer to laugh about it.

"Christmas 2020: Naps after meals. The image of the day," this tweet reads. 

The "quiet Christmas" proposed by the premier perplexed people — but, if nothing else, it certainly made an impression.

This article was originally published in French on Narcity Québec.

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