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Montreal is officially becoming a yellow zone this Monday, June 14. And, with that, come yellow zone rules.

As Quebec's new COVID-19 cases continue to decline and with the rules on gatherings, restaurants, gyms — and more — changing quickly, MTL Blog went through your DMs and answered your questions about what it means to be at a "Level 2–Early Warning (yellow)" alert level. 

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As of Monday, Société de transport de Montréal (STM) bus drivers will no longer have to wear masks while driving.

A June 10 notice posted to the STM website clarified that the CNESST, the workplace rights and safety commission in Quebec, no longer recommends that bus drivers in Montreal wear masks when driving.

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On May 18, Premier François Legault announced Quebec's province-wide deconfinement plan, including removing the curfew and reopening restaurant and bar terrasses.

We sorted through your DMs and answered all your questions about the easing of COVID-19 restrictions in Quebec

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In a lengthy Facebook post published on April 14, Premier François Legault announced a change to Quebec's COVID-19 public health rules on mask-wearing during outdoor activities.

Legault wrote that in the face of questions, the requirement to wear a mask outside will only apply to "situations where it may be difficult to respect the two-metre distance" with members of different households.

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As of April 8, wearing a mask outside while doing activities in a group is mandatory in Quebec's orange and red zones.

Whether you're going for a walk with your friends or getting together for a game with your soccer league, you're going to need to remember another bunch of new rules about wearing a mask.

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Tomorrow is the day fitness buffs across Quebec red zones have been waiting for — gyms are reopening

But with COVID-19 health protocols in effect, it won't be exactly the same as you remember it. We spoke to local fitness professionals and scoured the internet for information on what you can actually expect when you head back to gyms

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By now, we all know the basics of living through the pandemic in Quebec, from the 8 p.m. curfew to where to stock up on sanitizer.

But if you pore over the government's reading materials, there are a bunch of surprising COVID-19 rules and facts that most Quebecers have no clue about.

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Montreal companies are always finding ways to take the old and make it new. And that's exactly what Nishi Pearls, a Montreal-based jewelry company, is doing with pearls.

Think about it, every time we see a Halloween costume that's supposed to be from any decade before the '50s, there's usually a string of pearls involved.

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In an effort to get people to wear their masks correctly on the Montreal metro and bus networks, the STM is once again resorting to humour.

In a new campaign, the transit company is reminding customers that "there's only one way to wear" masks properly.

New signage shows "18 useless ways to wear a face covering."

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STOP. DROP. AND GRAB YOUR WALLETS because Editorial is having a mega warehouse sale this month!!! Editorial is currently putting all your favorite items on sale! Literally, EVERYTHING is on sale, so for all of you Editorial lovers, including me, get to their downtown Montreal location RIGHT NOW. 

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STOP. DROP. AND GRABYOUR WALLETS because Victoria's Secret is hosting a mega 50% off semi-annual sale!!! Victoria Secret is currently putting all your favorite items on sale! Literally, EVERYTHING is on sale, so for all of you lingerie lovers, including me, get on their website ASAP or head their downtown Montreal location RIGHT NOW. 

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It's safe to say that with summer right around the corner that we ALL want to look hot AF in a NEW fashionable bikini or dress whether we have been working for that summer bod' or not. The truth is that summer shopping happens to be the most dreadful thing on the planet! I literally walked into Zara and chose over 30 fabulous fashion items to try on, got in the changing room, sat down and mentally prepared myself that even if nothing looks good I will survive.

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