François Legault Said The CAQ 'Completely Changed The Political Landscape Of Quebec'

The premier wrote a long heartfelt post to celebrate the CAQ's 10th birthday.

François Legault Said The CAQ 'Completely Changed The Political Landscape Of Quebec'

Premier François Legault took to Facebook on Sunday, November 14 to show his love for the Coalition Avenir Québec party (CAQ) on its 10th birthday.

"It certainly hasn't always been easy. We have had our ups and downs. At times, not many people would have bet on our victory. Some people quit, but there were also people who kept believing," Legault wrote in a heartfelt message about the party.

The premier explained how it took seven years for the CAQ to get in power, and since then he believes they "have completely changed the political landscape of Quebec."

On his list of the CAQ's achievements, Legault said the party helped in stopping the divide between Quebecers who want independence and those who do not.

He further said they "managed to bring together nationalism and the economy."

"For me, being a nationalist means first of all putting aside our differences to put Quebec first. It's not just about protecting our nation, our language, our values. It is also about being ambitious for the future. To be a nationalist means not accepting that we are less wealthy than our neighbours," the premier's message read.

Legault ended his Facebook post with a hopeful note about the future.

"We've come an incredible distance in the last 10 years, but you know what interests me most? It's not the past, it's the future," Legault said. "For me, it all starts with pride. Pride is what drives a people to excel. Pride is another way of looking at the future. Pride is the foundation of a winning Quebec!"