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Legault Says He's 'Open' To The Idea Of Not Turning Back The Clocks In Quebec

We would stay on daylight saving time.
Legault Says He's 'Open' To The Idea Of Not Turning Back The Clocks In Quebec

This is probably the least exciting time of the year... When you wake up more tired than usual, you're sleeping a ton more than usual and press snooze like it's nobody's business. However, François Legault alluded to the idea that this may not be the case in Quebec for much longer.

Along with Ontario, Quebec is potentially considering the notion of making switching the clocks back a thing of the past.

That's what Premier Legault predicted during a press conference in Quebec City on Thursday, October 8.

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November 1 at 2 a.m. 2020 time change

A reporter asked the premier if he would be on the same page as the Ontario government, referring to ending the yearly switch to Eastern Standard Time for good. 

"We're open to looking at that," Legault replied.

Progressive Conservative MPP Jeremy Roberts of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario spoke with Narcity Canada about introducing the legislation.

Roberts' bill is based on "a bunch of studies" suggesting that the time change has consequences for citizens' health, such as increased rates of depression.

If the bill makes it past final reading, the Ontario MPP said he plans to contact his counterparts in Quebec and New York State to see if they want to follow suit.

This article was originally published in French on Narcity Québec.

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