Legault Called Duhaime A Trump-Like 'Agitator' & Quebec's Conservative Leader Fired Back

The back and forth lingered well after Thursday's debate.

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François Legault speaking at a  press conference, Right: Éric Duhaime speaking at a press conference.

François Legault speaking at a press conference, Right: Éric Duhaime speaking at a press conference.

As Quebec election day inches closer, political party leaders gathered for yet another riveting debate this week that felt nothing short of a Real Housewives reunion. While no tables were flipped or wine glasses smashed, there was certainly drama between François Legault and Éric Duhaime and lots of it — so much so that the back and forth has lingered post-debate.

During a September 23 press conference in Laval, François Legault told a reporter how he really feels about Conservative Party of Quebec leader, Éric Duhaime, labelling him an "agitator." Their dispute erupted over COVID-19 measures when Legault called Duhaime's stance against pandemic restrictions "disqualifying."

Éric has been vocal regarding the CAQ's implementation of some of the most strict COVID-19 measures across Canada — going as far as referring to Legault's decision to impose a curfew, Sunday closures and constant public alerts as a "witch hunt."

The hot topic came up at Legault's presser this morning. The CAQ leader said that while he understands many Quebecers weren't happy with the restrictions his government set forth, party leaders still need to be responsible. Legault said that Duhaime is an "agitator" who is "profiting from the distress of certain people to win votes," all before seemingly comparing him to former U.S. President Donald Trump.

"He even reminds me of someone in the South (who) also denied the reality, denied the numbers," Legault said, indirectly hinting at Trump.

Éric Duhaime didn't waste any time firing back at Legault's statement.

The Quebec Conservative Party leader took to Twitter to call Legault out saying "the day after another lost debate, François Legault, in a panic, compares me to Trump and says I should be disqualified as party leader," Duhaime wrote. "Mr. Legault doesn't seem to like dealing with real opposition. I will not be silent, Mr. Legault."

Duhaime said that he believes the Conservatives are the only qualified party to oppose the CAQ stating that yesterday's debate allowed him "to show how the Conservatives are different from the other four.

"I came away from the debate motivated and confident," said Duhaime.

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