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Here Are The Major Quebec Political Party Slogans For The 2022 Election

Some.... interesting choices.

François Legault. Right: Dominique Anglade.

François Legault. Right: Dominique Anglade.

As the October 3 election approaches, Quebec political parties are outlining their campaign aesthetics — the bright colours, glittering graphics and often generous headshot filters they'll use to attract voters like crows drawn to shiny garbage.

In a province where four major parties and a handful of smaller organizations are competing for attention, perhaps no campaign element comes with higher stakes than the slogan. Done right, a pithy catchphrase can encapsulate an entire platform and draw easy cheers on the campaign trail. Done wrong, a political party will quickly find itself the butt of online jokes and brutal memes.

As of the time of writing, five parties have unveiled their slogans for the 2022 election. They are below. We'll keep updating this article as more parties release slogans.

Parti Québécois: Le Québec qui s’assume. Pour vrai.

According to party leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, the 2022 Parti Québécois slogan is all about brandishing what it sees as the national identity and stepping into Quebec's full potential.

"At the Parti Québécois, we believe that it is not by renouncing our ideas or our convictions that we will advance them, in the same way that as a nation, it is not by giving in to resignation that we will advance our interests," he said at the announcement of the slogan on August 21.

Liberals: Votez Vrai

The Parti libéral du Québec (PLQ) unveiled its slogan, "Votez Vrai," on August 13. It also came with an official English version with a slightly different meaning: "Vote for Real."

"There is only one way to get real solutions to the real issues that Quebecers are experiencing and that is by 'Voting for Real!' the party said in a release.

Québec solidaire: Changer d'ère

QS released its punny slogan on August 19. "Changer d'ère," change of era, also sounds like "changer d'air," change of scenery.

"Changing era means that we need new people in power, with new ideas," party spokesperson Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois wrote on Twitter. "That's what Québec solidaire is proposing: to face the great challenges of our time with ambition and courage."

CAQ: Continuons

The governing CAQ wants to stay in power. So naturally, its message to voters is "continuons" — let's continue or let's keep going.

"Over the past 4 years, your government has undertaken many changes, despite the pandemic," Premier François Legault wrote on social media on August 19. "But we still have work to do. We need to keep the momentum going."

Conservatives: Libre chez nous

The upstart Parti conservateur isn't yet a major party but has made some inroads with voters. Its slogan, unveiled on August 14, is "Libre chez nous," free at home. Like the Liberals' slogan, it also comes with an English version: Freedom to choose.

"The October 3 election will be historic," party leader Éric Duhaime said in a press release. "It will turn the page on more than sixty years of constitutional wrangling and the emergence of a new divide between individual freedoms and government that pervades all spheres of citizens' lives."

"We now have an essential party that wishes first and foremost to give you more freedom."

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