Longueuil's Mayor Got A 'Serious Threat' After Approving Plans To Cull Deer In One Park

Officials notified the police.

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Longueuil's Mayor Got A 'Serious Threat' After Approving Plans To Cull Deer In One Park

Longueuil plans to cull a group of beloved, destructive deer in a local park. Criticism of the decision has been swift, intense and in at least one instance, extreme. The city says its newly-elected mayor, Catherine Fournier, received a "serious threat" after confirming the plan.

In a statement shared with MTL Blog, city spokesperson Hans Brouillette confirmed that the mayor got a message that "was threatening and has required a notice to the Longueuil Police Service." He clarified that it was not a death threat.

On Tuesday, the City of Longueuil announced it had green-lit a plan to euthanize part of a deer population — between 60 and 70 deer, according to media reports — that's apparently wreaking havoc on the ecosystem in Parc Michel-Chartrand.

The city claims the deer overpopulation threatens their own health, as well, and says it has found evidence of malnutrition.

"Taking into account all scientific, ethical and environmental aspects, this is the only possible way forward at this point, as the situation has worsened greatly, particularly in the last year," Mayor Fournier said in a statement.

The city first announced the cull plan in 2020 but officials backed down amid fierce opposition. A petition to save the deer amassed tens of thousands of signatures.

It seems that fierce opposition persists.

"We, unfortunately, [received] several insulting or hateful messages," Brouillette said. "We greet the messages, which most remain respectful, and receive many supportive ones."

Despite the pressure, Brouillette tells MTL Blog that "maintaining dialogue is essential, especially in the context of a sensitive issue like this one."

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