Longueuil Revived A Plan To Kill A Bunch Of Beloved, Destructive Deer That Live In A Park

People signed a petition to save the deer in 2020, but Longueuil says they're wrecking the park.

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Longueuil Revived A Plan To Kill A Bunch Of Beloved, Destructive Deer That Live In A Park

Precedent suggests animal lovers will not love this news: the City of Longueuil has once again announced that it intends to purge deer at Parc Michel-Chartrand as part of conservation efforts to preserve what it calls a "fragile ecosystem."

Longueuil made a similar announcement in 2020 but backed down on the plan after tens of thousands of people signed a petition against it.

Now, Longueuil says that the "health and well-being of the deer are threatened" due to their high numbers, and the city is set to cull 60 or 70 deer, according to different media reports.

The statement from the city says that "clinical evidence suggests that the animals are suffering from malnutrition" and that trees and natural environments in the park "are so degraded that they can no longer regenerate." The overpopulation of deer in the park has had a significant impact on the trees, apparently.

Catherine Fournier, the newly-elected mayor of Longueuil, said that "it is clear that the deer population in the park must be reduced urgently to avoid further damage to the natural environment, which has already been weakened by the overpopulation of deer."

"Taking into account all scientific, ethical and environmental aspects, this is the only possible way forward at this point, as the situation has worsened greatly, particularly in the last year."

But don't worry, this isn't going to be like the actual purge with all the guns and ammo.

The city will collaborate with partners to make sure the deer are properly euthanized. The good news is, all that deer meat won't go to waste. Longueuil says they will donate the meat to "community food aid organizations."

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