10 Things To Do In Montreal This Weekend To Boost Your Serotonin

That aren't just going for a walk.
10 Things To Do In Montreal This Weekend To Boost Your Serotonin

This winter may be different than any we've ever experienced before, especially since we currently have a province-wide curfew. But, that doesn't there are many things to do in Montreal this weekend before 8 p.m. hits.

Whether you've decided to hibernate inside for the rest of the season or you're a die-hard snow lover, there's something on this list for everyone.

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So, either get out there and explore the city or stay at home and find cool ways to chill out — the choice is yours!

Shop Some Sick Winter Sales 

Why You Need To Go: Just because there's a curfew doesn't mean you can't treat yourself to some new looks. I mean, who can say no to a sale?

Listen To Podcasts By Montrealers

Why You Need To Listen: Podcasts are the perfect cure to your boredom, and there are tons out there by local Montrealers to listen to.

Enter The City Of Montreal's Snowman Competition

Why You Need To Try: Making a snowman is always a good time and now you can win money for doing so!

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Join Groove Campus' Meditation Journey

Why You Need To Go: Whether you've been feeling stressed all week or you're just looking for something to do, meditation is good for everyone. Allow Groove Campus to help you "raise your vibrations."

Order Japanese Takeout With A Side Of Music

Why You Need To Go: Fleurs & Cadeaux provides both a feast for your tummy and music for your ears — a must-try.

Try A Dunkaroos-Inspired Cinnamon Bun

Why You Need To try: Having one (or six) of Bun Appétit's cinnamon buns will be the sweetness you needed right now.

Go Cross Country Skiing

Why You Need To Go: You can rent skis at multiple parks around the city and it's a great winter workout.

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Get Takeout From A Local Joint

Why You Need To Go: Food just makes everything better and there's never been a better time to support local restaurants.

Grab Your Skates And Hit An Ice Rink

Why You Need To Go: What's better than skating around one of your favourite Montreal spots?

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Order Yourself Happy Tears' Connect Deck & Play Over FaceTime With Friends

Why You Need To Try: This is not like a regular card game — Connect Deck is meant to help you dig deep into your emotions and build stronger relationships with the people around you.

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