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11 Hidden Places In Quebec To Bring A Date This Fall

You're sure to get kudos for taking them somewhere they've never been before.
11 Hidden Places In Quebec To Bring A Date This Fall

Fall is a magical season, especially in a province that's full of natural beauty like Quebec. All throughout the province, there are a ton of date spots that are sure to create special memories. But the best dates spots in Quebec, in my opinion, are the secret, off the beaten path ones.

We're all aware of the classic fall spots to go check out with that special someone. Places like Mont-Tremblant and Saint Sauveur are always at the top of all of our lists.

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But, sometimes we want to step out of the box — especially when it comes to dates. 

Fall exudes a certain romantic vibe and by going off the beaten path, you'll find that our province is swimming in cool and underrated places to check out.

From charming hotels and spas to nature spots close to the city, there's truly a ton of greatness to be seen throughout our province. And, I can promise they're all bound to impress that special someone in your life. 

As I always say, why follow a trend when you can be the one to start it?

Ripplecove Hotel & Spa

Address: 700, Croissant Ripple Cove, Ayer's Cliff, QC

This charming hotel and spa reaches the peak of its beauty during the months of fall and simply oozes romance.


Carbide Willson Ruins 

Address: 639, Chemin du Lac Meech, Chelsea, QC

This is one of my favourite spots to check out during the fall because of the glory is exudes. And, if you want a romantic place to hang out or pop the question, this spot may just be perfect for you.

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Trou De La Fee

Address: rue De L'Église, Crabtree, QC

If you're looking for a picturesque and romantic adventure spot, look no further because Trou De La Fee is your spot.


Le Petite Maison Blanche

Address: 251, rue Bossé, Chicoutimi, QC

There's something special about the little white house, especially during the fall. It's cute, sweet and full of beauty — just like your date!


Lusk Caves

Address: Trail 54, Sainte-Cécile-de-Masham, QC

Gatineau Park’s Lusk Cave is a natural phenomenon that is best to be experienced with someone special by your side.


Reford Gardens

Address: 200, Route 132, Price, QC

Also known as "The Jardins de Métis" this gorgeous English-style garden first opened to the public in 1962. This spot has a romantic charm during the months of fall, one that you won't regret seeing for yourself.


Château Fleur De Lys Hotel 

Address: 15, ave. Sainte-Geneviève, QC

When visiting Quebec City, there are a ton of charming hotels to check out. However, there's something about Château Fleur de Lys that you can't help but fall in love with.


Jack Layton Park

Address: 400, rue Halcro, Hudson, QC

This gorgeous park is known for its incredible sunsets is surrounded by a ton of natural beauty, which exudes a ton of beauty once the leaves start to change colours.


Wildlife Sanctuary Port-Daniel

Address: 262, Route du Parc, Port-Daniel, QC

Surrounded by trees and nature, this spot is beyond romantic during autumn. So, your date is sure to give you kiddos for bringing them to this cool place!


Rouge-Matawin Wildlife Reserve

Address: 2002 Chemin du Lac Macaza, La Macaza, QC

When it comes to being surrounded by colouful and natural beauty, this spot is at the top of my list. After seeing it for myself, I can assure you that it's as gorgeous and romantic as it looks in photos.


Parc Bernard Landry

Address: 5, avenue du Crochet, Laval, QC

This gorgeous park by the Rivière des Prairies is a little natural oasis that not too many people know about. Located just off the island of Montreal, you'll feel completely disconnected from everything but nature and your date while visiting.


Wishing you and your date a great time!

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