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15 Montreal Tattoo Artists To Check Out Whenever You're Craving New Ink

It's not easy an easy feat to find a Montreal tattoo artist that suits your vibe on your first go, so we're helping you out a lil bit.

Similar to everything in life, each individual has their own personal style. And when it comes to what you put on your body, you deserve to have that style properly demonstrated when you have it put on your skin.

Montrealers are spoiled with an abundance of talented tattoo artists around the city. Each of them possesses a style and flair that is unique to their individuality.

The 21 people on this list are all Montreal-based artists who worth checking out next time you're in the mood for some new ink. You can thank us later.

David Peyote  

David Peyote, also known as David Cote is one of those tattoo artists that leave you in awe. If you are a sucker for abstract art, this is your man.

His work is not only beautiful but it is thought-provoking. His signature style is one that many locals and tourists travel to have permanently inked on them.

Check out his work here.


It seems as though every tattoo lover in our city has heard of Safwan from Imago Tattoo. Not only is his work impeccable but all of his clients are truly devoted to him.

Many people have travelled to Montreal to have this local legend ink them up — and that's not surprising given how talented he is!

Not only is he so welcoming and talented, but the tattoo studio is clean and filled with other talented artists ready to have your vision turned into a reality.

Check out his work here.

Erika Doyon

Erika Doyon is the talented owner of Artease located in Montreal. The shop itself has a comfy and home-like feel, giving you the impression of being in someone's living room.

Doyons expertise, diversity and kind energy are what clients love most about her. Not to mention that her work is pretty incredible.

Read our interview with her here!

Luka Lajoie  

Luka’s eye for tattoos is unlike many other artists. He has the ability to bring an aspect of realism to every tattoo he creates.

Known for his realistic designs and creative use of colour, this local artist is definitely one to look out for. His work has been praised around the globe and Montreal is lucky to have him call our city home.

Check out his work here.

Chris Allen

Chris Allen has an array of clients and a wide range of work. He's known for his strong one of kind drawings and incredible detail.

Allen, who is also a muralist, is oozing talent and if you want to book an appointment with him you should do it quickly because he's in pretty high demand.

Check out his work here.


Rali aka Ralkinz is known for her signature black and red works of art.

Rali has an interesting twist on the minimalist tattoo trend and she utilizes negative space making for refined and beautiful tattoos. Her graphic approach to her hand-drawn designs is what her clients love about her work.

Her favourite things to draw include animals, objects that represent Greek culture, and floral pieces. So if that is something you are into, you should really take a look at what she can do.

Check out her work here.

Ice Inks  

This Montreal tattoo artist has been creating beautiful body art since 2014. She is inspired by her numerous travels and loves creating custom designs for her clients.

Ice is known for her black and grey illustrative works and her creativity and aptitude in her craft are absolutely worth checking out!

Check out her work here.

Dave Cummings  

If you have been thinking about getting a large-scale tattoo you might want to check out Dave Cummings.

Specializing in full back pieces and sleeves, Cummings is a natural talent. The detail in his work speaks for itself and his use of colours is what makes him stand out from the rest.

Check out his work here.

Tasso A  

Located in Montreal’s Old Port, Tasso has a creative eye and his exceptional attention to detail is what makes him an artist to keep an eye on.

His wide range of ability is shown through his body of work and his impeccable style is what makes his clients keep coming back and trusting him with more work.

Check out his work here.

Hillary Jane  

Hillary Jane’s clean linework in combination with her use of thin lines and traditional style is what makes her so amazing.

Her impressive portfolio has a huge range of stunning artwork is what her clients keep coming back for.

Jane’s work is unique to her and if you are shopping around for great ink artists in our city, you should keep her in mind.

Check out her work here.

Nick Oaks 

Nick Oaks is a traditional tattoo artist who works out of Bait & Schlang Tattoo (B.S.T) on rue Notre Dame Ouest.

Clients have raved about both his work and the studio, and I can see exactly why.

Check out his work here.


If you are looking for an artist that is going to create a vivid and realistic piece then this is your girl.

Her keen eye and her masterful creations are by far some of the best our streets have to offer. If you don’t believe me, check her out for yourself.

Check out her work here.

Cat Bijou  

Known for her old-school tattoo’s with a traditional vibe, Cat Bijou creates masterpieces.

Bijou has a fun way of creating her art and the results are pretty spectacular.

From the colours and designs to her unique ideas, she is definitely a 514 artist to keep an eye on.

Check out her work here.

Yann Black  

Yann Black is one of the most sought out tattoo artists in Montreal.

All those who have worked with him praise his unique work, and his clients love him to pieces.

His inimitable vision and drawings are unique to his style. If you are shopping around for a tattoo artist that specializes in geometric drawings, book an appointment with Yann!

Check out his work here.

Melissa Valiquette  

When you see Melissa Valiquette’s work, your first impressions are likely to be "wow."

Valiquette creates some of the most astonishing portraits I have ever seen and we are really lucky she calls our city home.

Her talent and attention to every aspect of her job are what her clients love most about her. That and of course, how insanely gorgeous each of her tattoos truly are.

Check out her work here.

I hope your new ink turns out perfect!

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