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8 Women Tattoo Artists In Montreal That Are Taking Over The Industry

Montreal is blessed with talent.
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8 Women Tattoo Artists In Montreal That Are Taking Over The Industry

Locals are absolutely spoiled for choice when it comes to amazing tattoo artists in Montreal.

Each artist has their own unique style and inspiration and some of these artists are on the precipice of taking over the industry. Here are eight of the best women tattoo artists in Montreal.

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Jalen Frizzell 

Courtesy of Jalen Frizzell

Jalen Frizzell has been tattooing since 2015 and is influenced by "blaxploitation movie posters of the 70s era, and the dynamics of life, death, and dreams."

Frizzell told MTL Blog that her "Jamaican-Canadian roots have motivated her to center black people in her practice. Exploring different methods of depicting black hair textures with different applications of tattoo needles is one way she presents this - as well as continuously exploring black facial features through the lens of traditional tattoo drawing styles."


Cat Bijou 

Courtesy of Cat Bijou

Cat Bijou has been tattooing for over 20 years in Montreal and is currently at Deville Tattoo. Her main inspiration is the sea.

"You can see it in the traditional sailor designs, ships or fishes that I do," she said.


Erica Cyr

Courtesy of Erica Cyr

Erica Cyr has been tattooing for 9 years and works at Studio Sans Regret. She focuses on "classic tattoo imagery rendered in soft black and grey and clean line work."

She tells MTL Blog that her goal is "to foster a more inclusive community and showcase all bodies, shifting the lack of visibility that’s present in the industry."


Anam Qureshi

Anam Qureshi is the owner and a tattoo artist at Bloodline Tattoo. She specializes in black and grey realism and large-scale pieces.

"Some of my favourite projects are cinema-related," said Qureshi.



Rali is the owner of XYZ Tattoo Studio and first began tattooing in 2017.

She told us that her love of "traditional hand-drawn illustrations and a graphic approach to my designs as well as my black and red colour palette are the elements that define my signature style today."


Rian Desourdie 

Courtesy of Rian Desourdie

Rian Desourdie is an artist at Studio Artease in Verdun and specializes in watercolour-style tattoos.

"I love designing colourful tattoos where I can play around with artistic styles [...] and take pride in tattooing them in a way that will age well, balancing strong black linework and vibrant colour work," said Desourdie.


Epithumia Rose

Epithumia Rose's "delicate work uses floral patterns, fine lines, human figures, and abstract shapes to create dreamy compositions."

She runs Les Fleurs du Mal Studio in the Mile-End.


Victoria Jones

Jones told MTL Blog "I've been apprenticing for the last 2 years and I specialize in black and grey illustrative and traditional-inspired tattoos. I am currently working on opening a private studio with my mentor that will be a safe, inclusive place for all Montrealers to come and get tattooed!"


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