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2 Montreal Trainers Took To The Streets To Show Their Anger Over Red Alert Gym Closures

We spoke with trainer Sandrine Cassis about why she thinks gyms should stay open.
2 Montreal Trainers Took To The Streets To Show Their Anger Over Red Alert Gym Closures

The provincial government's decision to close Quebec gyms in red alert regions during the 28-day lockdown has managed to enraged multiple Montreal trainers. And one local is being very vocal about the matter.

Sandrine Cassis is a personal trainer and self-love advocate.

You may have recently seen her and her boyfriend Bak's photo being posted all around Instagram, the one where they're standing outside holding signs that said "If it's a health crisis, keep gyms open."

The fact that the use of gyms is linked to both physical and mental health are matters that Cassis believes should not be ignored by the government.

We got a chance to speak with Sandrine and pick her brain about why she's so passionate about this issue.

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Why do you believe Montreal gyms should stay open?

Cassis categorizes gyms as essential, which is why she believes they should remain open during a lockdown.

She says they're "essential to an individual's physical and mental health. As someone in the health and wellness industry, I witness and experience firsthand the transformative and healing benefits of exercise."

"If this is truly a health crisis, I would like to see the government educating people on proper exercise, nutrition, herbal supplements rather than focusing solely on short-term band-aid solutions like face masks and isolation."

"Going to the gym is a form of therapy for many."

Sandrine describes gyms as "space[s] for people to move and release pent up energy and emotions, especially crucial during high-stress periods."

"The adverse effects of isolating people even more is worrisome; I really believe closing gyms will do more harm to society during these challenging times."

What kind of feedback did you get from your Instagram post?

"I did get a bit of backlash for my post and even had friends unfollow me. However, the majority of my following LOVED my post."

Sandrine isn't the only trainer who's upset about gym closures in Montreal either.

Cassis also told us that various "trainers and business owners reached out to [her] saying they're losing clients at an astounding rate and they are grateful [she] brought some awareness to this issue."

You tagged Premier Legault in your post. Have you received any response from the provincial government?

"Nothing, just silence," Sandrine told us.

"The closure of gyms is affecting our well-being AND our livelihood. Both business owners and gym-goers are outraged and concerned for their well-being," the trainer stated.

Currently, all gyms in red zones are expected to remain closed until October 28. Legault has also mentioned that this partial lockdown could last longer than the anticipated 28 days.

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