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What $800/Month In Rent Can Get You In Montreal Nowadays (11 PHOTOS)

Take a look at five apartments for rent for $800.
5 Montreal Apartments For Rent For $800/Month (PHOTOS)

Below are five Montreal apartments for rent for $800/month. 

They are among the select few at this price point left on Though not a representative sample, the apartments could give you a general idea of the kind of value renters might expect to find across the city.

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Note that listings are subject to change and may disappear.

Studios Right In The Middle Of The Plateau

Price: $795 – $800/month (two units available as of the time of writing)

Address: 4312, rue Saint-Denis

Description: These studios are smack dab in the middle of the Plateau, about a block from the Mont-Royal orange line station and a 10-minute walk from Parc La Fontaine.

The listing indicates that the building was recently renovated.

View Here

Côte-des-Neiges 2.5

Price: $800

Address: 3800, avenue Dupuis

Description: Across the city in CDN-NDG is this 2.5 steps off chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges with its many restaurants, stores and the Jean-Brillant Market.

Côte-des-Neiges station on the blue line is also nearby.

The listing suggests that the bedroom and living room compose a single open space. The kitchen appears to be a semi-separate room.

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Saint-Laurent 1-Bedroom

Price: $800/month

Address: 1240, rue Ouimet

Description: This apartment has a separate bedroom (seemingly a rarity at this price point).

It's about two blocks from the western terminus of the orange line at Côte-Vertu station.

View Here

Lachine 3.5

Price: $800/month

Address: 124, avenue Ouellette

Description: Even further west in Lachine is this 3.5 apartment with what the listing describes as a "semi-open" bedroom.

Appliances don't come with the space, it says.

View Here

Centrally-Located 2.5

Price: $800/month

Address: 1650, boulevard René-Lévesque O.

Description: Right downtown, this pad is down the street from Concordia University. That also means rue Sainte-Catherine O. and its many restaurants are within walking distance.

View Here

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