6 Cafés In Montreal With Beautiful Latte Art Like Espresso Masterpieces

Both pretty and delicious.
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6 Cafés In Montreal With Beautiful Latte Art Like Espresso Masterpieces

If you're a coffee drinker like me, then you know it's about more than just caffeine. Coffee is about love, passion, flavour, and creativity. It's honestly an absolute art, and certain cafés in Montreal really know how to prove this.

When it comes to starting the day off right, there's nothing better than a cup of java made with exactly those ingredients.

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Seriously, it's the perfect blend.

"Sorry I'm latte — I had to get my coffee!"

One of the most beautiful caffeinated drinks has got to be the latte. So much so that there's an entire world dedicated to creating incredible creations.

The real passion is in the baristas behind the bar who are as excited to make you your drink as you are to have it.

And being a city that appreciates both flavour and beauty, we know our way around latte art.

Aside from being delicious, the Montreal coffee scene is incredibly innovative.

But we expect nothing less from our city.

They're so beautiful, they'll have you saying "Where have you bean all my life?"

You may need your morning cup to truly appreciate these puns...

Muru Crêpe

Address: 362, rue Notre-Dame E., Montreal, QC

Muru Crêpe is known for its delicious treats and gorgeous latte art. The café is lucky to have Vivian So on the team, Canadian Latte Art Champion 2019.

Come for the photos and stay for the taste.


Le moineau masqué

Address: 912, rue Marie-Anne E., Montreal, QC

This adorable café in the Plateau is everything you want in a Plateau coffee shop: passionate, flavourful and homey. And when it comes to the latte art here, you also won't be disappointed.


Café Aunja

Address: 1448, rue Sherbrooke O., Montreal, Quebec

This colourful Iranian café serves up beautiful lattes in an even more beautiful environment. Truly the perfect place to go any day of the week.



Address: See website for multiple locations

MELK is one of the most well-known coffee shops on the island. Not just for being delicious, but for creating art that is almost too beautiful to drink.


Pikolo Espresso Bar

Address: 3418b, ave. Parc, Montreal, QC

* Only open for takeout.

Inspired by the coffee culture in Australia, Pikolo set out to change the scene here in Montreal with its passion for all things coffee. Plus, the food is equally is game-changing.


Café Myriade

Address: See website for multiple locations

Any serious coffee drinker in Montreal knows Café Myriade. When it comes to roasting, they know what's what and when it comes to latte art, the team is just as passionate.


Happy espresso sipping!

Gabi Sandler
Contributing Writer
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