6 Jobs In Montreal's Video Game Industry Hiring Right Now

Montreal is known for many things such as poutine, potholes, and problematic politicians but did you know it's also one of the video game capitals of the world? Some of the best minds in the industry live here, and you can join them with these amazing jobs in Montreal's video game industry

If you already spend all your time playing video games, why not incorporate them into your day job?

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Video Game Programmer at Gameloft

Salary: To be determined

Company: Gameloft Montreal

Why you should apply: As an experienced game programmer, you'll get in on the ground floor of developing a new PC game from scratch.

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Associate Web Developer at Ubisoft

Salary: To be determined

Company: Ubisoft Montreal

Why you should apply: If you've ever wanted to work for one of the world's leading video game developers and brag to your friends that you're in the credits of the new Assassin's Creed game.

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3C/Combat Game Designer at EA Games

Salary: $63,000 to $72,000/year, according to Glassdoor

Company: Electronic Arts

Why you should apply: If you have an eye for design and many solutions for how video game combat ought to work, definitely send in an application.

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QA Test Lead at Pole To Win

Salary: To be determined

Company: Pole To Win Games

Why you should apply: If you are ready to step up and lead your own quality assurance team after all those years of doing QA jobs.

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Video Game Proofreader at Keyword Studios

Salary: $14.75 - $17.25/hour

Company: Keyword Studios Montreal

Why you should apply: Are you staunch grammar police, love video games and speak multiple languages? You might just be the right fit!

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Game Designer at WarnerBros. Games

Salary: To be determined.

Company: WarnerMedia

Why you should apply: If you have experience in designing puzzles for video games and are looking for a new challenge to produce a AAA game title.

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