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7 Super Cheap Cottages Less Than 3 Hours Away From Montreal You Can Rent This Summer

You don't have to go too far for a little escape from the city.
7 Super Cheap Cottages Less Than 3 Hours Away From Montreal You Can Rent This Summer

When it comes to looking for a cottage to stay at, there are a few important factors that I always consider. The first being that the place is affordable and the second is that it's not too far from Montreal — especially if I'm planning on going just for the weekend. Quebec is full of cheap Airbnb cottages within three hours of Montreal that make for the most relaxing and fun vacations, without needing to break the bank.

Narcity may receive a portion of sales if you purchase something from this article, which was created independently by Narcity's editorial team just for you.

When looking to escape for the weekend, I also always look for a clean spot that exudes charm — something that's not too hard to find in Quebec.

Editor's Choice: 6 Cheap But Beautiful Beachfront Airbnbs You Can Rent This Summer In Quebec

I'll be honest, it took me a few years of travelling to truly appreciate all that our province has to offer.

And this summer, due to all the travel restrictions, it's nice to know that I can explore this incredible province a little more.

Even if you can't get much time off work, being able to escape for the weekend, refresh and dive into the natural beauty of Quebec is truly a gift.

From beachfront properties to homes surrounded by nature, there's truly something for everyone in our province. 



Where: Amherst, Quebec

Price per night: $32.50/person if you're four people

If you want to be surrounded by nature without having to go too far from Montreal, this epic-looking treehouse may just be the place for you.

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Lovely Canadian Style Home


Where: Saint-Eustache, Quebec

Price per night: $16.50/person if you're nine people

If you want to leave the city, but still be in a location close enough to shop and enjoy restaurants, you may want to look into this historic Canadian house.

Equipped with an outdoor fireplace and a swimming pool, the only problem with this spot is you may not ever want to leave.

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Complete Serenity


Where: Brownsburg, Quebec

Price per night: $47.50/person if you're four people

If you're looking for a location that has complete peace and serenity, without needing to travel too far, this adorable home is a great option for you.

Located just an hour from Montreal, you will feel like you have entered a new world when staying at this peaceful home.

Historic Home Close To Montreal


Where: Château-Richer, Quebec

Price per night: $31.25/person if you're four people

If you're a fan of old-world charm and warmth this is a spot that is calling your name.

Not only does this spot ooze charm but it's within walking distance of a grocery store and a yummy eatery.

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Zen Home


Where: Saint Sauveur, Quebec

Price per night: $28.50/person if you're four people

Saint Sauveur is a popular escape from Montreal because it offers a combination of relaxation as well as city living.

This charming home has everything you need and more when it comes to an ideal spot to disconnect.

There's even an indoor swing, which is just super flipping cool.

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Gorgeous Villa


Where: Trois-Rivières, Quebec

Price per night: $34/person if you're six people

If you want to get away with a crew of six, this is a spot you're going to want to look into.

From the beautiful balconies to the charming feel of the home, this spot will give you the illusion of being miles away from Montreal.

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Colourful Home Filled With Character


Where: Val-Morin, Quebec

Price per night: $57.50/person if you're two people

There's something to be said about a house that's full of colour, and this home is just that.

From the moment you pull up, you will instantly feel like you're in a good mood, which is what you want from a vacation home.

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