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7 Montreal Home Cooks To Follow On Insta If You Wanna Chef It Up During Red Alert

A perfect way to keep yourself occupied for the next 28 days.👩‍🍳
7 Montreal Home Cooks To Follow On Insta If You Wanna Chef It Up During Red Alert

We all know that Montreal is full of amazing eateries. But, we often that there's a long list of talented Montreal home cooks. Instagram gives us the chance to just learn about everything and anything, including cooking, and the following cooks are always spreading their talent through their social media page.

Each of the following foodies has their own flair and has a way of making you want to cook.

Now is a better time than any to learn a new skill. So, why not let that skill be cooking? It'll only bring benefits.

Follow these locals to learn a thing or two about how to make killer meals that'll impress each one of your taste buds.

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Lindsay Sacks

Why You Need To Follow: From her decadent desserts to her creative meals, this home cook and talented artist always slays it in the kitchen.

She also makes it all look so easy!

Liz Therrien

Why You Need To Follow: Not only does she do a ton of lives and Instagram tutorials, but she covers a wide range of dishes, each of which will make your mouth water.

Jen Udashkin

Why You Need To Follow: If you want to try the best tasting meals that are also extremely healthy, Udashkin is the girl for you.

Gabby Musacchio

Why You Need To Follow: Not only is Gabby an amazing home cook but her table settings and all-around home aesthetic are truly inspiring.

Marta Wiseman

Why You Need To Follow: Marta's healthy and photogenic dishes will truly have your mouth salivating every time she posts something.


Why You Need To Follow: His recipes are not only easy to follow but all of them turn out better than expected. Ricardo also has his own cooking magazine for purchase — how cool is that?


Why You Need To Follow: If you're looking for inspiring meals that are photogenic and vegan, then you're going to want to give this local chef a follow.

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