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Italy is hands down one of the most beautiful places in the world. Whether it's the awe-inspiring architecture, stunning interior design, gourmet cuisine, elegant fashion or iconic automobiles, this European country is famous for being a worldwide trendsetter.

Since you can't safely travel there right now, why not transform your apartment into your favourite Italian vacation spot? Create your own little dolce vita.

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2021 is a fresh start for just about everyone. And for some, that means finally heading to the kitchen and learning how to cook.

Cooking can seem rather overwhelming for certain people, so we decided to reach out to one of the best Montreal chefs, Chef Pamika Sukla, owner of Pamika and Mae Sri, two incredibly popular Thai restaurants in the city, known for authenticity and flavour beyond compare.

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If nothing else, 2020 was the year of culinary trends. Dalgona coffee, sourdough bread, pancake cereal — we've all kept ourselves nice and busy in the kitchen as we adapted to the world around us. But lately, it's fair to say there's been a bit of a universal cooking rut. After all, there’s only so much banana bread you can bake before never wanting to see another banana again.

Seeing as we've begun a brand-new year, it feels like the perfect time to introduce new meal plans into your routine — especially if you're done with skipping meals due to lack of motivation or creativity. A great way to help out with that might be to subscribe to a meal subscription service, like Goodfood.  Plus, right now, you can get 6 free meals (3 free meals in your first 2 baskets) using promo code NARCITY6.

Goodfood is one of the biggest meal subscription services in Canada today; it all started with a simple goal, to help people prepare delicious, yet healthy meals from the comfort of their own home. Now, six years later, they're a team of close to 3,000 people helping deliver monthly meals across Canada.

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When Takuya Matsuda was an up-and-coming sushi chef living in California, he said he spent a lot of time in Las Vegas. It was there, at a Cirque du Soleil show, that he came up with the concept for his new Montreal restaurant, Okeya Kyujiro, which opened downtown for take-out on Friday, January 8, 2021.

Part sushi spot and part theatre, Okeya Kyujiro promises to be an experience unlike anything the city's ever seen — or tasted — before. 

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Ever since Premier François Legault cancelled Christmas gatherings in Quebec red zones, Quebecers have expressed a whole gamut of emotions on the internet. From memes comparing Legault to the Grinch to social media posts poking fun at him for suggesting we "take naps" instead of gathering, disappointment is in the air.

But aside from Legault's suggestions, few people seem to be discussing what Quebecers CAN do to mark the occasion this year, and what the holidays will actually look like.

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We all know that Montreal is full of amazing eateries. But, we often that there's a long list of talented Montreal home cooks. Instagram gives us the chance to just learn about everything and anything, including cooking, and the following cooks are always spreading their talent through their social media page.

Each of the following foodies has their own flair and has a way of making you want to cook.

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Montreal has a variety of health stores that all offer unique treats and events, but I can honestly say that Montreal's newest health bar has to be my favorite! Not only can you get juices, salads, and smoothies but they also offer naturopathy which is "a set of methods of care aimed at strengthening the body's defenses by natural and biological means". 

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Montreal has fabulous groupon savings this month that you must check out ASAP! Not only are they super fun, but you will save a lot! There is something on this list for everyone since you can go to a fine dining restaurant, or go Axe throwing, or go painting all for under $100.

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Since midterms have just passed and you and your BFF probably need some down time, I suggest checking out this list for some crazy fun things you guys can do together for the rest of October! This list includes time to relax, crazy activities, and amazing food!

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Get ready ladies, and mark your calendars, because one of the greatest days of the year is coming real soon.

November 3rd is International “Men Make Dinner” Day all over the world.

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Ah yes, competitions, the greatness that comes along with some relationships. If you are like me and you find yourself in a competitive relationship wondering what you can do in Montreal this summer then this list is perfect for you. The list below composes of great activities that you and your special someone can do and compete against each other.

In all these activities, you and your BF or GF can see who wins and who looses at mind games, strength games, accuracy games, and artistic games. But, to raise the stakes, I suggest making bets on who has to buy who dinner or so on... I mean it just makes it more fun!

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Women have been saying it for years: There's nothing sexier than a man who can cook. Well it may be time to update that phrase because apparently there's nothing sexier than a man who cleans.

Yes, the sight of your man in apron might not be the first thing you think of when you hear the words "sexy man" and a French maid outfit is not what women are talking about when they say they love a man in uniform. But according to a study from the University of Alberta, the men who do an equal amount of chores around the house, including cooking and cleaning, claim they have better sex lives.

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