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8 Services You Can Get From Home In Montreal So You Never Need To Leave Your House Again

Massages, manicures, and more — all brought right to your door.
8 Services You Can Get From Home In Montreal So You Never Need To Leave Your House Again

Services in Montreal are in abundance. From amazing food delivery to great shopping, our little island has got you covered.

However, not many people realize is that you can get just about everything you need from the comfort of your own home. There are so many unique companies that offer at-home services that you most likely didn't know about.

From haircuts and manicures to plant deliveries and medical services, you can truly get everything you need at the click of a button.

Now, more than ever, it's important to consider supporting local businesses and by experiencing the following at-home services, you'll be doing just that!

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Plant Delivery With The Rolling Pop-Up

When: Check Instagram for scheduling

Why You Need To Try: Plants add a little extra life into your home and this plant shop on wheels not only lets you get some new green friends, but they also teach you how to care for them.

And as a bonus, there's always different food made by Montreal's Dancing Chef, Chef Archer, for you to try!

Haircuts & More With GalOnTheGo

When: DM her for availability

Why You Need To Try: Britt has been doing mobile beauty services for the past six years, and specializes "in colouring, cuts, blow dry, keratin treatments, highlights, balayage, and tape-in extensions."

Beyond that, she also offers makeup tutorials and makeup sessions from "anywhere with a chair and a plug." So if you're looking to get glammed up from home, she's your girl.

Manicure And Pedicure From Jessthetics

When: Contact via Instagram to book your appointment

Why You Need To Try: There's nothing like getting a mani and pedi from the comfort of your own home and this local provides our city with just that.

Jess prides herself on her cleanliness and quality of her work and her services are totally affordable, which is a major bonus.

Suit Shopping From Your Driveway

When: Visit The Suit Shop's website to book your appointment

Why You Need To Try: Shopping, especially right now, can be a little stressful. Suit Shop creates a shopping experience like no other and will give you the chance to feel like a celebrity, without ever leaving your driveway.

Medical Services With RN Privée

Why You Need To Try: RN Privée is a mobile clinic that'll provide you with blood tests, vaccinations and even COVID-19 antibody tests, all from the comfort of your home.

At-Home Massage With Blu Wellbeing

When: Visit website to view availabilities

Why You Need To Try: If you don't feel like going to the spa, why not bring the spa to you?

Getting a massage from the comfort of your home is something that everyone should experience and Blu Wellbeing provides you with just that.

Spray Tan With Maeve Mancini

When: Book a spray appointment on the website

Why You Need To Try: Just because we can't go to the beach doesn't mean we should look like that! Spray tans are a safe and fabulous way of adding a little colour to both your skin and your life.

Maeve Mancini will come right to your door and by the time she leaves, you'll look like you just stepped off the jet from Tahiti.

Grocery Delivery With Cooldel

Why You Need To Try: Not only is Cooldel a way of getting fresh produce delivered to your home, but it's also a way of supporting local merchants.

With different stores to pick from, you're never going to want to leave for groceries ever again.

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