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8 Things To Do In Montreal That Are Perfect For A Solo Winter Date

Since you're your own best company!
8 Things To Do In Montreal That Are Perfect For A Solo Winter Date

Been craving some much-needed 'me time'? Well, when it comes to things to do in Montreal alone, the list of options is endless.

Montreal is always romantic and it's there for you when you need to be whisked off your feet — even when you want to do it for yourself!

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From enjoying amazing food to seeing amazing sites, the city is one huge solo date in the making. Even if you don't even want to leave home, there's stuff for you, too.

Check out this list below to make your SOLO feel like YOLO.

Visit the Botanical Garden

No matter the season, Montreal's Botanical Garden remains one of the best spots to get a little alone time.


Take Yourself On A Museum Date

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal are both back and better than ever. You can spend hours getting lost in the different exhibitions!

Try A Virtual Tea And Chocolate Tour

Nothing says staying cozy at home like a nice cup of tea. This amazing virtual tour allows you to not only enjoy your favourite indulgences but learn a little about them, too, so you can kill it next time you find yourself at a chocolate trivia night.


Buy Yourself Some New Bling

Had your eye on something shiny lately? Been waiting for a special occasion? Well, who needs one? There's no better time than right now to spoil yourself.

Check out these local jewelry stores

Spread The Warmth

Or if you want to take it one step further, you can check out theLABEL, a Montreal-based company that gives a sweater to a shelter for every sweater that they sell. Spread the warmth and spread the love.


Pamper Yourself

If you feel like you need a break from your house/apartment (totally feel you) and want to be totally pampered, check out the "Unwind & Reset" package from Spa William Gray, complete with access to a room, two 60-minute massages, lunch provided by Nelli, and more.

See the package

Go On A Nature Walk

The best part about being alone is exactly that: being alone. Take yourself on a date and head on a nature walk.

Find out more

Explore Montreal's Most Romantic Area

Old Montreal is visited by people from all over Montreal and all over the world (not now obviously) because of its romance and charm. But who says you need someone with you to enjoy it in all of its beauty? Old Montreal can be your date.


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