You're Not A True Montrealer Unless You've Visited 7 Of These 9 Iconic Spots

Remember what 'leaving the house' felt like?
You're Not A True Montrealer Unless You've Visited 7 Of These 9 Iconic Spots

If you were born and raised here, you know there's no shortage of iconic Montreal spots we all know and love.

While each Montrealer has their own lived experiences, what brings us together is the shared memory of our childhoods and other memorable moments in our lives that we've all experienced at some of the same places in Montreal.

No matter what CEGEP, university or borough you call your own, all true Montrealers have been to at least seven of these nine locales.

How many have you been to?

La Ronde

Why It's Iconic: Montreal wouldn't be the same without La Ronde, Quebec's principal Six Flags amusement park.

Early adopters, no doubt, have fond childhood memories of the OVNI ride — a disco round — and the Twister, which placed your head directly over a spouting fountain.

Mount Royal

Why It's Iconic: With so much rich history on Montreal's Mount Royal, a mountain made of volcanic rock, there's no way you haven't spent a summer Sunday at Tam Tams at least once in your life.

The bohemian tradition of beating drums is representative of the joie de vivre found in the city — when Montreal drivers aren't raging in their cars, of course.

The Underground City

Why It's Iconic: If you've ever worked in the retail or service industry, tourists have probably asked you where to find the wondrous underground city, which Montrealers mostly recognize as a way to get around on foot without having to freeze in the winter.

If you're a native Montrealer, you've probably spent some of your formative years in the Eaton Centre food court.

Lachine Canal

Why It's Iconic: Residents of Le Sud-Ouest get a special shoutout for this one, having spent many days in the blistering summer heat lying on picnic blankets near the canal.

If you're a cyclist, this may be one of your preferred Montreal cycling routes or your favourite place to bring the special pup in your life.

Jacques-Cartier Bridge

Why It's Iconic: Every Wednesday and Saturday in the summer, thousands flock to the Jacques-Cartier Bridge to watch L'International des Feux Loto-Québec, a month-long fireworks competition between countries from all around the world.

If you don't know, now you know (but we don't know how you wouldn't have known)!

Old Port of Montreal

Why It's Iconic: Despite Old Montreal having a reputation for being tourist-central, native Montrealers have no doubt spent countless summer days strolling along those old cobblestone roads.

Bonus points if you've eaten a Beaver Tail or had La Crémière ice cream while riding a quadricycle.

Complexe Sky

Why It's Iconic: If you've never spent a Montreal summer night on the rooftop of Complexe Sky, Montreal's best known gay bar, you're missing out.

Located right above the staple Gay Village rainbow balls on Rue Saint-Catherine Est, the rooftop spot is the perfect place to take a breather after a night of wild thrashing.

Fairmount Bagel

fairmountbagel | Instagram

Why It's Iconic: A fierce competitor to Montreal's Saint-Viateur Bagel, Fairmount Bagel is Montreal's oldest bagel shop and is still going strong to this day — despite economic hardships as a result of COVID-19.

That leaves us with one simple question for the ages: Saint-Viateur or Fairmount?

B-Side Bar

bsidebar | Instagram

Why It's Iconic: Don B Comber could never! Long gone are the days of CEGEP kids flocking to B-Side Bar on the Main, which closed in 2015.

However, B-Side's mason jar moonshines will forever live on in our hearts, as will their primo music collection — consisting of The Supremes, The Beatles and Fatman Scoop.