A Montreal Doctor Is Reminding Everyone Of Our Responsibility To Protect Each Other

"We need to be prepared for the winter without a vaccine to swoop in and save the day."
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A Doctor Is Reminding Everyone That COVID-19 In Quebec Likely Isn't Going Away This Winter

Montrealers are in for a winter like no other. With the cold season looming and likely without a vaccine until at least 2021, we need to be prepared to continue to think critically about the risk that our actions could spread COVID-19 in Quebec, according to Dr. Matthew Oughton, Director of the Royal College Training program in Infectious Diseases at the McGill University Health Centre. 

"The overriding way that we should be governing ourselves, both as individuals and as a society, is with the recognition that this is still a very transmissible disease," Dr. Oughton told MTL Blog.

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You want to take the knowledge that we've learned so far and apply it as we move forward.

Dr. Matthew Oughton

"We also need to recognize that this disease results in a huge spectrum. Some may be infected, but show zero symptoms and others may desperately need to go to the ICU, otherwise, will likely die."

"And, of course, everything in between."

He said we can't "live in fear," but we also need to be aware of the risk that we may be exposing our contacts to the virus.

"If we can avoid the risk, I'd rather not take the chance that you're the one that needs hospital care and medical care and can't get it."

"We do still have to govern ourselves with a mindset that the vast majority of our population is still susceptible. If you haven't gotten COVID-19 and recovered, then you remain at risk."

"I do believe that there will be a safe and effective vaccine, but it will not be made available to the public until at least spring 2021. We need to be prepared for the winter without a vaccine to swoop in and save the day."

Gabi Sandler
Contributing Writer
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