A Manitoban Shared 8 Things He Wishes He Knew Before Moving To Montreal & They're So True

Moving to Montreal and noticing Montrealers' many quirks might ironically be the most Montreal experience there is. And a recent, locally viral Reddit post proves it.

The August 31 post by Winnipegger-turned-Montrealer Danny Parys entitled "8 things I wish I knew before I moved to Montreal" has garnered over 900 upvotes and 300 comments as of the time of writing.

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The eight points are a mix of outside perspective, questions and advice for born-and-raised Montrealers. Among the advice: "it's a bagel, chill the f*** out." According to Parys, Montreal's Haitian cuisine and poutine take precedence over the much-discussed dough holes.

The Winnipegger also picked up on Montrealers' humility when it comes to their English proficiency. Often, as he points out, francophone Montrealers' English is much better than their anglophone counterparts' French.

All Montrealers might appreciate two of Parys's pieces of insight: that "you guys aren't crazy drivers, your rules just suck" (see it's not our fault!) and that "Quebeckers being rude is propaganda."

His other points include five archetypes of Montreal residents (shoutout to the ubiquitous "young men with chest fanny-packs") and, most importantly, the fact that "Celine Dion is a treasure."

We also thank Parys for bringing some much-needed attention to the revelation that is French fries with mayonnaise.

He concluded his post by thanking the city's residents.

"This is the first time I have lived outside of Winnipeg and I feel really welcomed," he wrote.

"This city strikes a perfect balance of enjoying life, economic opportunity, culture, great architecture, and friendly people."