A Massive Sunflower Field Is Coming To Montreal This Summer

The city is about to get a whole lot brighter! 🌻

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A Google Maps views of the empty field on Louvain O., and Esplanade in Montreal. Right: A sunflower field.

A Google Maps views of the empty field on Louvain O., and Esplanade in Montreal. Right: A sunflower field.

Montreal is about to get a whole lot sunnier. SDC District Central, a non-profit organization based in the garment district introduced a brand-new urban development project, La Prairie Louvain, which promises a massive field of sunflowers this summer.

The SDC District Central, which represents five Montreal sectors (Chabanel, Sauvé, l'Acadie, St. Laurent and Marché Central) will plant 10,000 sunflowers in the empty field located on rue Louvain Ouest, and avenue de l'Esplanade.

Elena Di Stefano, a spokesperson for the SDC District Central, paid a visit to the morning radio show Daybreak Montreal — where she dished all the deets on La Prairie Louvain with host Sean Henry.

"This is a monumental project for the District Central. We'll be planting 10,000 sunflowers that will bloom from mid-August to late September and then be harvested," Di Stefano said.

The overall goal? To create a transitional and green space that will allow the community to reconnect with one another. "We want to make the place friendlier, safer and more alive," she said.

Di Stefano mentioned that sunflowers are a great representation of the neighbourhood, saying the flower represents "productivity" and "resilience." The sunflower field is slated to host a number of events this summer that will not only bring community members together but attract other Montrealers to the area.

"We're starting at the heart (Chabanel) with this project but our plans are to plant fields in the coming years in different areas to create a connection between various sectors," Di Stefano shared.

The sunflower field will reduce hotspots and create a circular economy with a major focus on the concept and importance of community.

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