A Montrealer Broke A Rubik's Cube World Record — Blindfolded (VIDEO)

Just 15.05 seconds... 🟥 🟨 🟦 🟩 ⬜ 🟧

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Elliott Kobelansky.

Elliott Kobelansky.

Courtesy of Elliott Kobelansky, @elliottk_ | Instagram

It was a shot heard 'round the cube. 18-year-old Westmount resident Elliott Kobelansky broke a Rubik's cube world record this weekend when he solved the puzzle — blindfolded — with an average time of just 15.05 seconds over three successive attempts.

But Kobelansky isn't satisfied. He told MTL Blog that he's still looking to improve that score.

"It’s quite relieving," he said of the record break. "I have come very close many times and to finally get it means a lot to me. There were still a couple things that could have been better in the solves, so it feels even better knowing there is ample room for improvement."

"I’m definitely going to continue practicing."

A video of the record-breaking performance shows Kobelansky completing the first puzzle in 15.29 seconds, the second in 14.15 seconds and the third in 15.7 seconds, including the time he takes to evaluate each cube.

Rubik’s Cube Blindfolded World Record Mean of 3 - 15.05 secondswww.youtube.com

The Marianopolis College student now has his sights set on additional cubing competitions, including the Canadian Championships and World Championship in Incheon, South Korea, this August, and even more challenging feats, such as the "much more impressive" (in Elliott Kobelansky's word) Multi-Blindfolded, in which blindfolded cubers must solve multiple cubes at once.

"I know that one day, adult life will take over and I'll have to tone down my commitment to this stuff, but for the time being cubing will remain an important hobby for me," he said.

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