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A New Café Is Opening In Montreal & Throwing A Plant Sale To Celebrate

Leaves House is welcoming you to its awesome new café.
A Leaves House Café Is Opening In Montreal & Throwing A Plant Sale To Celebrate

With the skies fading to gray each passing day, you could all use a little something green in your lives. Well, you're in luck because the fine folks at Leaves House Café have exactly what you need this weekend. 

To celebrate the grand opening of its third location in Montreal's Place Ville Marie, Leaves House Café is inviting you all to its "Green Friday" plant sale.

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According to an Instagram post, visitors who purchase three plants can pick up a fourth for FREE.

Leaves House Café owner Jerry Lam tells MTL Blog that "Leaves House Café Place Ville-Marie will open its doors and serve a variety of coffee, tea and matcha-based drinks made using plant-based ingredients." 

The "Green Friday" plant sale will take place in all three Leaves House locations.

With over 100 varieties of plants available to choose from, you're guaranteed to find a new friend for your home. 

Leaves House Café 'Green Friday' Plant Sale

Price: Buy-three-get-one-free plant sale

When: Friday, November 27 – Sunday, November 29


Leaves Montagne, 2051 rue de la Montagne
Leaves McGill, 1800 avenue McGill College
Leaves PVM, 1 Place Ville-Marie

Why You Need To Go: For a good coffee and some new plant friends

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