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A Petition Is Asking Montreal To Do More To Protect French In The City

"Let's make French the true common language in Montreal!"
A Petition Is Asking Montreal To Do More To Protect French In The City

An online petition is asking the city of Montreal to do more to protect the status of French as the common language in the city.

The petition notes that "it is increasingly difficult to work and obtain services in French" and argues that "the bilingualism of services and institutions undermines efforts to integrate newly arrived populations and sends the contradictory message that French is only optional in Quebec."

At the time of writing, over 6,300 people have signed it.

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We, Montrealers, Quebecers of all ages and backgrounds, are concerned about the survival of French, the common language, in the metropolis.

Accent Montréal

The launch of the petition comes amid renewed discussion about the security of the French language in Quebec, and especially in the metropolis.

A striking OQLF report released this summer showed that over 60% of Montreal businesses surveyed asked their latest hire for English skills.

Minister Responsible for the French Language Simon Jolin-Barette has since promised he would work to strengthen language laws.

The petition this month is asking the City of Montreal to take action, as well, specifically through the creation of a municipal French language council to study the situation and propose solutions.

In its conclusion, the petition argues that "the creation of a Montreal French language council is a first step towards ensuring that the City of Montreal takes responsibility and concrete action to consolidate the French face of the city on a lasting basis."

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