A Petition To Abolish The OQLF Has Gained Over 7,000 Signatures

"Fines for the use of english language will not be effective."
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A Petition To Abolish The OQLF Has Gained Over 7,000 Signatures

A petition to abolish the Office québécois de la langue française (OQLF) is making its rounds online and has gained over 7,000 signatures in one week.

The petition comes after a series of highly-publicized incidents in Montreal involving the office dedicated to promoting and protecting the French language in the province.

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During COVID-19 we should be focusing on building capacity in our hospitals and not further destroying the local economy.

Change.org petition

This past month, the OQLF announced it had issued a fine to Deli 365 for using English-only signage, the owner of Kitchen 73 claimed that an OQLF officer mocked his frustration, and the owner of Pâtisserie Italia recounted what she called a "disappointing" experience with the agency.

The OQLF has contested claims made by the owners of Pâtisserie Italia and Kitchen 73.

The change.org petition suggests that the recently announced $5 million in additional funding for the OQLF should instead go toward education in the province.

MTL Blog has reached out to the OQLF for comment and will update this article when we get a response. 

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