There's A New Motion To Create A Quebec Flag Emoji

Should the Quebec flag get its own emoji?
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A Quebec Flag Emoji Is The Subject Of A New Motion

Parti Québécois leader Paul Saint-Pierre Plamondon announced on Twitter that he will present a motion at the National Assembly to officially request a Quebec flag emoji. The party will also send a request to Facebook.

The Unicode Consortium, the world's emoji authority, has had the Quebec flag emoji "under consideration" since 2019. 

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"A small gesture, a big symbol," wrote Plamondon on Wednesday morning, "that of the right to express our pride."

Unicode has already denied other emojis that touch on Quebec culture. 

The poutine emoji, the cannabis leaf emoji, the ice resurfacer emoji, and the traffic cone emoji are among the consortium's rejects.

Teddy Elliot
Staff Writer