New Data On Canadian Texting Habits Revealed Which Emojis Provinces Use The Most

Is the way people text a good indicator of where they live? The Mobile Shop seems to think so, which is why they conducted a study that analyzed Canadian texting habits, specifically when it comes to our choice of preferred emojis.

The data is broken up by region and based on the 1,500 participants' responses, we found out that Albertans are the people who use the eggplant emoji the most in this country.

As for Quebecers, 66% think sticking to one to two emojis per text is best.

And according to this study, the peach emoji is used the most in la belle province compared to everywhere else in Canada. We also have the highest national use of the coffin emoji, which leaves one with a lot of questions...

Quebecers' texting habits also compare to the rest of Canada by being the province that uses the poop emoji the least. Does that mean we're the classiest province?

As a whole, Canadians' Top 3 emojis include the laughing face (used by 63% of the population), the crying face (42%) and the kissing face (39%). I guess you could say that means we're big fans of the live, laugh, love motto.