A Quebec Judge Concluded Mamadi Camara's Wrongful Arrest Wasn't Due To Racial Profiling

A Quebec judge who investigated the wrongful arrest of Mamadi Camara by Montreal police has stated that racial profiling did not play a role in the events that led to his detention on January 28, 2021.

In a report released on September 3, Judge Louis Dionne stated that "as for racial profiling, we are of the opinion that, in the particular circumstances of this case, Mr. Camara was not subjected to differential treatment based on his race, colour or ethnic origin."

Camara was wrongfully accused of assaulting a police officer and was arrested on January 28. He was kept in detention for six days before he was exonerated of all charges on February 3.

Following an outcry, Quebec announced on February 9 that it would launch an investigation led by Dionne.

While the investigation was ongoing, Camara, along with several members of his family, filed a lawsuit against the SPVM and prosecutors for damages amounting to $940,000 in July.

The judge was critical of the SPVM's Major Crime investigations team in his report, however, saying that it could have "put in place an investigation structure based on the one developed for the management of serious cases by the [Canadian Police College]."

"The establishment of such a structure would probably have ensured that Mr. Camara not to be detained until February 3, 2021," Dionne concluded.

In a statement, the City of Montreal said, "we welcome the SPVM's willingness to follow up quickly on the recommendations made by Judge Dionne in his report."

"As usual, the city will support the SPVM in its desire to apply the recommendations that will make the SPVM a police force that listens to the public and in which it can have confidence."

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