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A Woman Was Allegedly Caught In A Montreal North Shore Elementary School Carrying A Knife

Police assert that she "had a fixation on a school employee and wanted to attack her."

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Parked Terrebonne police car.

Parked Terrebonne police car.

19-year-old Megan Petitclerc was arrested after she allegedly entered a Montreal North Shore elementary school with a knife on October 24, Terrebonne police said in a Thursday evening news release. Police assert that Petitclerc "had a fixation on a school employee and wanted to attack her."

According to information shared with the media, a 10:03 a.m. 911 call first alerted authorities to the presence of an individual with a knife inside Terrebonne's école primaire Jean-De La Fontaine.

A school employee purportedly stopped Petitclerc and ordered her to leave. She is said to have obeyed. No one was injured and police say students were not targeted.

The 19-year-old then allegedly proceeded to slash vehicle tires in the school parking lot before police found and arrested her nearby.

Petitclerc now faces three charges: attempted murder, possession of a weapon and mischief. She had a first court appearance in Laval on October 25.

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