An Immigration Lawyer Says He's Seen A 'Huge Spike' In Americans Wanting To Move To Canada

He says his Montreal-based firm has heard from both Trump and Biden supporters.
An Immigration Lawyer Says He's Seen A 'Huge Spike' In Americans Wanting To Move To Canada

The next president hasn't even been chosen yet and already some Americans are expressing interest in just packing up and moving to Canada after the election, according to one lawyer.

Daniel Levy, a senior attorney at Montreal-based immigration law firm Campbell Cohen, told MTL Blog that the firm has seen a "huge spike" in Americans reaching out.

Levy compared the interest to that before the 2016 election. In the aftermath of Trump's election, interest in the firm's site caused it to crash.

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We've seen a huge spike in inquiries.

Daniel Levy, Campbell Cohen

When asked, Levy would not disclose the number of inquiries the firm has received from Americans, nor how the spike compares to regular traffic.

But he did say that this election cycle, he's seen more people actually engaging with the firm.

"I think the difference now is that people have a genuine, credible fear that this man could win again," he said.

But that's not to say that Trump supporters might not also be looking to make the move north.

While the bulk of contacts come from people who oppose Trump, Levy said, the firm has heard from some people who don't want to live in Joe Biden's America.

Americans aren't the only ones contacting the firm, either, according to Levy.

"We are seeing a huge spike in Canadian parents contacting us from the U.S. to get proof of citizenship and passports for their Canadian children" born in the U.S., he said.

He also told us that there's been a spike in "older people who always knew that because one of their parents was born in Canada they may have an option to be a citizen."

So will all these people actually follow through if their party loses the election? We'll have to wait and see.