You Can Get Bomboloni Gelato Sandwiches From This Montreal Chef This Summer

Remember Chef Tony Rinaldi, the "IG OG" of Montreal bomboloni? How could you forget those pastry masterpieces?

Well, just when you thought it couldn't get any better than these light, yet decadent, delights, Rinaldi brings to us the Bombolato, Montreal's first-ever bomboloni-gelato sandwich. 

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The Bombolato takes the classic Italian dessert and fills it with another delicious Italian dessert: gelato.

Sold in packs of six, you can try pistachio-glazed, dark-chocolate-Nutella-glazed and white-chocolate-glazed Bombolato.

Continuing what has been a fantastic year for the bomboloni, the Bombolato takes things to a whole other level.

Courtesy of Chef Tony Rinaldi

To order, head to Rinaldi's Instagram page or send him an email.

Courtesy of Chef Tony Rinaldi

"2021 is officially a BOMBOLATO summer!" Chef Tony told MTL Blog.

Get the details below.

Bomboloni-Gelato Sandwiches

Cuisine: Two Italian donuts with gelato in the middle.

Where: On Instagram or by email

Why You Need To Try It: It's a decadent summer treat offering a twist on the trendy dessert.

Courtesy of Chef Tony Rinaldi